The Final Chapter:  Juggler Field

Some History


Notre Dame Regional High School opened in September 1953 at 2855 Parker Street.

The school consisted of Classrooms, Gymnasium, and the Convent on Parker Street.  The playing field was along Kaslo Street, until it was relocated to the Venables Street side of the property a couple of years later.


Redevelopment of Notre Dame


In 2004 Notre Dame started the process with the City of Vancouver to rebuild the school.  Between 2004 and 2006, Public Open houses and meetings were held with neighbours, and City of Vancouver staff.  After all this consultation, Notre Dame applied for a Development Permit to rebuild the full site, including new classrooms, renovating the gym, an auditorium, and moving the field and parking lot on the site


In 2007 the City of Vancouver approved the school application for redevelopment of the school site.  The redevelopment included a new school wing on Venables street, as well as renovation to the school gymnasium and auditorium, and a new infill section connecting the two on Renfrew street.  The school parking lot would move to Parker Street and the school field would be moved below the parking lot.


School Construction


Construction commenced in the summer of 2008 and the school field on Venables street was closed to make way for the new academic wing.  The Fr Joe Ponti Academic wing and the renovated Alumni Hall Gymnasium reopened in April 2010.  The Fr Joe Cuddy Auditorium at Parker and Renfrew was renovated in 2012.  The new infill section was started in 2014,  with construction along Renfrew street connecting the Alumni Hall Gymnasium and the Fr Joe Cuddy Auditorium.  This section opened to students in April 2015.


School Field and Parking lot


The school is now preparing to complete the final phase of construction, moving the parking lot to Parker Street and completing the school field, which will be sunken between the parking lot to the south and the Fr Joe Ponti Academic Wing to the north.  This is all part of the school's original development permit. Minor amendments were made limiting the seating to only hold the present school population of 740 students, as well as reconfiguring the parking lot and the school loading zones.


The Field will not have lighting for after-hours use, so it will only be in use from dawn to dusk.  The field surface will be artificial turf so that the field can be used year round without damaging the turf, especially during Vancouver's rainy season.


School Use of Field


The main use of our field during the day will be for physical education classes, intramural school sports, school masses, assemblies and as an outdoor classroom.   We have 21 physical education classes that get transported to fields in the area, sometimes weekly depending on the weather and the time of year.  Right now 160 students are transported 4-5 days a week to fields in Vancouver and Burnaby for practice because we cannot accommodate them at the school. Most of these practices will now be accommodated on the school field.


Limited Game Use


In the fall, our grade 8 football team would play 3-5 Tuesday afternoon home games per year.  The Junior football games would be played on Wednesday and they would play also 3-5 games at home per year.  The senior team will play between 4-5 games at home.  Some of these games could be played on a Saturday between 11 am and 4 pm.  In addition to football, our soccer and field hockey teams may host occasional home games on weekdays during the school year. 


Community Use


During the 2004-2006 consultation process, community use of the field was raised by some neighbours, who wanted to have occasional access to the field.  While additional community use is not in the current school plans, it is possible.  The school will work with neighbourhood groups seeking access.